Every enterprise is becoming an information business. The explosion of data with nano-speed of analysis powers the organization with information to innovate products, processes, decision-making and business models.
Harnessing this power will define future leaders.


Enterprises face inflection points more frequently with intensifying magnitude. Navigating the resulting disruption requires continually re-imagining the business through the inflection in market, technology, environment, regulations and economy.

you_are_img_oldyou are:
An information, analytics and content enterprise looking to craft, execute and accelerate a path to a new future.
An information intensive enterprise seeking to infuse actionable data into decision making, and monetize proprietary content into new information products, and innovate new businesses.
we_are_img_oldwe are:
C-level business leaders who have operated, grown, innovated and transformed information, research, analytical, content and technology enabled products, services and businesses. We understand the nuances of navigating expanding regulation and risk. Read more

About Us

INFLEXON helps enterprises navigate the information explosion by bringing expertise in building world-class information businesses to enterprises that are becoming knowledge and information intensive. We understand the transformative power of information and the nuances of managing regulations, rising risks, global complexity and economic volatility to develop and execute the strategic transformation.
We partner with businesses to re-imagine, incubate new growth markets and products, and transform an enterprise?s customer engagement, operations, organization, risk management and governance.
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Result Driven
Craft Future Compass
Execute Pragmatically
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how do we help?

Strategic Transformation: Pivot to a new future to realize new outcomes through re-envisioned strategy, product, go-to-market, organization and operations. Organize and build capability to spot and navigate in?ection points in technology, environment/climate, regulations and global markets.

Strategy: Frame direction to accelerate growth and performance in the face of inflection in customer behavior, markets, technology, economy, regulations and risks, and the support the crucial step of operationalizing the execution plan.
Product: Data, Analytics, Content, User Platform – Design, personalize and optimize around user, use context and shifting economics to enhance relevancy, stickiness and differentiation.
Go-To-Market: Optimize Portfolio of lines of business and product mix, content branding, content monetization, pricing and distribution to grow revenue and profitability.
Organization: Agility to spot, innovate and respond to inflection in disrupting and connected markets; Operate with greater speed transparency, decentralization, and a fact based decision making and learning culture.
Operations: Quality, efficiency, agility and scale to respond to market and strategy shifts.
Global: Expand footprint and devise operating model, organization and culture to accommodate expanding mix of local, regional and cross-border global products and customers.
M&A Acquisitions and Partnerships: Craft strategy to set priorities, source, screen target to accelerate growth in disruptive markets; evaluate business case; conduct due diligence; and integrate post acquisition.
Incubation of New Products and Businesses: Innovate, create, build, commercially test and scale up new products and businesses.
Risk and Regulation Governance: Strategy, Organization, and Board and Management Governance to balance controls, costs and growth in globally expanding risks in market, credit, financial, economic, cyber and sustainability.


Enterprises in information markets and enterprises fueled by information who have the window to unlock the transformative power of data, analytics and technology.
Enterprises where Information, Analytics, Research, and Content are the core products
  • Financial and Business Information
  • Consumer and Digital Content
  • Media
  • Education and Learning
Enterprises that seek to make data more actionable to add value in their process and monetize content through existing products or creation of new products.
  • Financial and Capital Markets
  • Healthcare
  • Business Services
  • E-Commerce
  • Consumer Products

Next Generation Product: Mine content and outcome learning to add feedback loops and create unique personalized product and service experience.

Business Model: For digital product, tap into differentiation and profit levers, with disrupting economics of aggregation. For physical products, transition into the levers of digital economics.

Go-To-Market: Transform the way products/services are created, delivered and priced; users are engaged and served.

Operations: Power the work?ow with embedded analytics to raise quality, efficiency, speed and judgment decision making .


Enterprises face frequent and intensifying inflection: long-term trends in information, technology, regulation, demographics and the environment are driving disruption. Global economics volatility and expanding information connectivity amplify the magnitude and pace of disruption.
The explosion of information, analytical processing power, and connectivity, the proliferation and increased enforcement of compliance and complex regulations, and the faster pace of market disruptions require a shift to 3DM — Data Driven Decision Making. This dynamic will only intensify.
Unlocking the transformative power of data will be a game changer.
The game changer arises from the power to mine the data to personalize the product in context of the use learning from experiences and outcomes in real time.
The key is to collect and connect the right sets of information and analytics to create 360 and lifetime views of the customer in the context of use.
The hurdles are many: organizational gaps in leadership expertise, entrenched mindsets coupled with the fear of future uncertainty, beleaguered sense of magnitude of change.



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